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My story begins in Okinawa where my Irish father met and married my Japanese mother while he was serving in the United States Army. Our home resonated with the virtues of duty, honor and integrity. Being the eldest of three siblings has formed my character to be ridiculously responsible. A deep sense of caring and compassion comes from my faith and family, which helps me to empathize with the concerns of my clients.

Along with my formal education, I have studied Fung Shui and I enjoy art, architecture, and photography. I am passionate about traveling the world and expanding my paradigm. In my free time one can find me indulging in numerous opportunities that our Centennial state offers. Living in our Outdoor Playground, there’s epic potential for adventure!

Like many Coloradans, I am a good steward of the environment. I’ve reduced my carbon footprint by the installation of solar panels on my home. The sun powers my home and my electric car, which is my primary source of transportation.

My career as a Realtor is built on a foundation of service, knowledge and dedication. I look forward to serving Coloradans as an Advocate for their dreams. Contact me and let’s get acquainted.